It's going down at . . . "A strike is an economic stoppage. A strike does not plead. It does not demand. It simply does. A global climate strike stops the economic and political systems responsible for the climate crisis."

Organizing for global climate strikes emerged out to the climate justice movement and a new politics of climate democracy nearly a decade ago. In the United States, community organizers responding to Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy talked openly of the need to strike. In 2014, the Global Climate Convergence launched an organizing campaign to popularize and build ties for a series of global climate strikes. You can read the original call, "The Global Climate Strike: Why We Can't Wait," here. And read an interview about the history of the Green New Deal and the Global Climate strikes, here.

In 2015, activists meeting outside the COP21 meeting in Paris decided to organize student climate strikes. Over the next several years, tens of thousands of Australian students led thousands of other students worldwide in strike actions. In 2018, Greta Thunberg Friday demonstrations outside the Swedish parliament gained worldwide attention. Together with many other organizers and climate activists, she inspired and helped build the next three waves of youth-led global climate strikes. is a project of the Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution's Climate Democracy Program, and is a next step in the organizing process Liberty Tree launched via the Global Climate Convergence. Liberty Tree is a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to building a democracy movement for the 21st century.

Our strategy is described briefly here: As with other projects Liberty Tree initiated in the past, a goal for this initiative is to become organizationally independent of Liberty Tree. Two better known projects that followed that path were Move to Amend and the Wisconsin Wave

As we continue organizing, we are building an advisory council. If you know a labor, farm, youth, indigenous, community, or other type of activist we should consider inviting to join the Climate Strike Advisory Council, please let us know: