It's going down at . . . "A strike is an economic stoppage. A strike does not plead. It does not demand. It simply does. A global climate strike stops the economic and political systems responsible for the climate crisis."

This is the decisive decade. None of us can afford to wait for others to act. By 2030 we will be on our way to a global economy that provides a good life for all on a living planet. Or we will be on an irreversible path to global misery through ecological collapse. After a generation of warnings, amid mounting harms, continuing to rely on the powerful few to save us is an unacceptable mistake.

The great majority, our diverse and global multiracial working class﹘employed and unemployed, people of color and white, urban and rural, North and South, young and retired, Indigenous people and those on the front lines﹘must decide together. If we don’t, global climate systems and global capitalism will decide for us.

We can win real democracy and change how we relate to each other and the world around us by immediately shifting to a stable and democratic energy grid, one providing 100% clean, renewable power. We can tread lightly on our planet by employing sustainable, green technologies and practices. In the process, and through our solidarity and unions, we will achieve full employment, meaningful incomes, high quality services, and dignified lives for all. With this economic conversion will come the huge gains needed to protect workers and communities in a just transition, to end personal and colonial debt, and to heal our most injured communities.

We can win real democracy and decide together to free ourselves from the endless and illegal wars that drive millions to flee our homes. We can replace the policing of people with a global system of collective security and world citizenship. We can make corporations and government institutions democratically accountable to workers, communities, and our common society.

We have the power to decide. At work we have the economic power – if we withhold it. In our numbers we have the social power – if we mobilize it. In our traditions, minds and hearts we have the cultural power – if we unleash it. Because these ten years belong to the future, to children, and to the next generations, we pledge to hold nothing back.


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