It's going down at . . . "A strike is an economic stoppage. A strike does not plead. It does not demand. It simply does. A global climate strike stops the economic and political systems responsible for the climate crisis."

The Decisive Decade: Declaration of the 2020s

This is the decisive decade. None of us can afford to wait for others to act. By 2030 we will be on our way to a global economy that provides a good life for all on a living planet. Or we will be on an irreversible path to global misery through ecological collapse. After a generation of warnings, amid mounting harms, continuing to rely on the powerful few to save us is an unacceptable mistake.

To sign on to "The Decisive Decade," see: http://earthdaymayday.orgEnvironmental Protection

Converge for Climate

Over the weekend of September 19-21, the Global Climate Convergence (GCC) joined with System Change Not Climate Change (SCNCC) in bringing together over 3500 people for the Converge for Climate organizing conference “for People, Peace, and Planet Over Profit,” in New York City. On Sunday, the 21st, the two coalitions (GCC and SCNCC) formed a large system change bloc at the 300,000 strong People’s Climate March, the largest climate protest in world history. 

Shutting the Chamber, Convening the Movement

In 2013, Liberty Tree launched an effort to nationalize the Wisconsin’s Wave’s divestment organizing against Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. From May 18-23th, in a joint effort by Liberty Tree and Operation Green Jobs, unemployed workers and their supporters marched 150 miles from Philadelphia to the headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C.. There, they launched the national Shut the Chamber! campaign, demanding that businesses and local chambers of commerce across the country cut off all ties with the national Chamber.